Museum Collections

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York, U.S.

Odd Nerdrum: "Self Portrait with Eyes Closed"

Odd Nerdrum: “Self Portrait with Eyes Closed”

Seven Bridges Foundation
Greenwich, U.S.

The Singers
Pregnant Woman with Followers
The Golden Cape
The Storm

Arkansas arts center
Little Rock, U.S.


Frye Art Museum
Seattle, U.S.

Man Bitten by a Snake

Hirschhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
Washington D.C., U.S.


Milwaukee Museum of Art
Milwaukee, U.S.


San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art
California, U.S.

Sleeping Twins

The de Young Museum
San Francisco, U.S.

Old Man with a Dead Maiden

Walker Art Center
Minneapolis, U.S.

White Brick

Grand Rapid Art Museum
Michigan, U.S.


Astrup Fearnley Museum of Art
Oslo, Norway.

Woman Kills Injured Man
The Murder of Andreas Baader
Self Portrait with Golden Cape
Man Imitating a Cloud

The National Museum
Oslo, Norway.

Evening Sky

Bergen Art Museum
Bergen, Norway.

Man with a Horse’s Head

Göteborg Museum of Art
Gothenburg, Sweden.

Dying Couple