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FAQ and other questions you might have:

  • Want to study with Odd Nerdrum?
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  • What is
    This is an independent website. As per today, is the official Odd Nerdrum website.
  • Interested in buying prints?
    Original signed prints are available at
    For reproduction prints of Nerdrum’s paintings, please click here.
  • There are few paintings by Nerdrum on display at this website – where can I find more?
    Please check out the Odd Nerdrum app.
  • Where can I learn more about Kitsch?
    Go to What is kitsch? in the Information sub-menu, or go to World Wide Kitsch‘s website. If you are looking for “On Kitsch” – the book is available in a new edition.
  • Are you looking for poems, aphorisms and literature by Odd Nerdrum?
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