Book launch in Paris
1. mai, 2013

Odd Nerdrum's new book, "Crime and Refuge" (2013)

Odd Nerdrum’s new book, “Crime and Refuge” (2013)

The three days of open doors to Nerdrum’s studio-house went succesfully along with the student exhibition in Paris. During the show, we launched a new book by Odd Nerdrum; Crime and Refuge.

Hanne Nabintu Herland, writer of the first forword in the new book, aswell as Princess Francoise, wife of Gregory David Roberts who wrote the other forword attended the opening.Crime and Refuge thematizes refugees from Odd Nerdrum’s paintings since the 80’s until present. The book expands on more than 450 pages with alot of details from Nerdrum’s work. It can be baught through the Nerdrum Museum store.

Martin Romberg held a concert on the opening evening were he had composed a piece for a recent painting by Odd Nerdrum, To The Lighthouse – along with the pianist Michael Cheung, the violist Sara Niblack and Markus Ericsen. Here are some images from the event:

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