The Hunt of Odd Nerdrum (2018) Released on Vimeo
8. June, 2018


7th June 2018,the six part documentary-series on Odd Nerdrum’s life and work was released on Vimeo where you can rent and buy individual episodes or the entire show.

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The Hunt of Odd Nerdrum (2018)
18. March, 2018

Cover photo.

Cover photo.

A documentary-series in six episodes about Odd Nerdrum’s life and work is soon to be released and will cover the places, painters, sculptors and film makers that inspired him.

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Overcoming the Germanification of Europe
16. April, 2016

Odd Nerdrum: "Frontal Self Portrait"

A student of mine met an old art collector at an art fair. They exchanged a few words and the collector agreed to visit the young man’s studio. The old … Read more

The Arcanum of Apelles
7. November, 2014

Odd Nerdrum: "Crossing the Border"

Odd Nerdrum: “Crossing the Border”

On a small farm at the cusp of the Norwegian seaside, in a rustic wood-paneled studio strong with the smell of linseed oil and … Read more

Exhibition: ‘Pupils of Apelles’ at Copro Gallery
1. October, 2014


Exhibition at Copro Gallery (November 15th through December 6th) in Santa Monica, CA.

For 2000 years Apelles of Cos was known as the greatest of painters. Praised for his grace and … Read more