Selected Solo Exhibitions

2022 — “You See We Are Blind” Retrospective Exhibition, Fineart Gallery, Oslo

Traveled to:
BGE Contemporary Art Gallery, Stavanger

2020 — “After the Flood”, Patrick Painter Gallery, Los Angeles

2017 — “In Limbo”, Yu-Hsiu Museum of Art, Taiwan

2016 — “Crime and Refuge”, Booth Gallery, New York

2015 — Odd Nerdrum & the Nerdrum School, The European Museum of Modern Art, Barcelona, Spain 

2013 — Odd Nerdrum, Home Studio exhibition, Maison-lafitte, France

2012 — Odd Nerdrum, Forum Gallery, New York, NY

2011 — Prophet der Malerei, Panorama Museum, Germany

2011 — The Kings of Painting – Anders Zorn & Odd Nerdrum, Blaafarveværket, Norway

2011 — Odd Nerdrum – Taxes and Mistreated Animals, Edsvik Konsthall, Sweden

2009 — Telemark Kunstforening, Notodden, Norway

2008 — Odd Nerdrum, First Gallery, Rome, Italy

2008 — Dark Limbo, First Gallery, Rome, Italy

2007 — Odd Nerdrum, Forum Gallery, New York, NY

2006 — Odd Nerdrum, Forum Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2004 — New Paintings, Forum Gallery, New York, NY

2003 — Festival dei Due Mondi, Spoleto Festival, Italy

2003 — Odd Nerdrum, Weinstein Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2002 — Current Work, Forum Gallery, New York, NY

2000-1 — The Kitsch-painter, Kulturhuset Stockholm, Sweden

Traveled to:
Listasafn Reykjavík, Iceland, Holtegaard, Holte, Denmark

2000 — Forum Gallery, New York, NY

2000 — Harry Bergmann, Arlands Art Museum

1999 — Forum Gallery, New York, NY

1998-99 — Odd Nerdrum: Two Decades, Paintings 1978-1998, (Retrospective) AstrupFearnley Museum, Oslo, Norway

1998-99 — Museum of Modern Art, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

1997 — Forum Gallery, New York, NY

1996 — Frye Art Museum, Seattle, WA

1996 — Museum of Contemporary Art, Downtown, San Diego, CA

1995 — Forum Gallery, New York, NY

1995 — Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, PA

1995 — Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art, OH

1994-95 — Odd Nerdrum: The Drawings, New Orleans Museum of Art, New Orleans, LA

Traveled to:
The Arkansas Arts Center, Little Rock, AK
The University of Iowa Museum of Art, Iowa City, IA
The Patrick and Beatrice Haggerty Museum of Art, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI
Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, NE

1994 — Ingrid Raab Gallery, Berlin, Germany

1993 — Odd Nerdrum, Martina Hamilton & Assoc., Inc., Art Chicago, ‘93, Chicago, IL

1992 — New Paintings, Edward Thorp Gallery, New York, NY

1992 — Odd Nerdrum, Jan Baum Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1991 — Odd Nerdrum, Lemberg Gallery, Birmingham, MI

1991 — Odd Nerdrum Drawing Exhibition, Perimeter Gallery, Chicago, IL

1990 — Odd Nerdrum, Ingrid Raab Gallery, Berlin, West Germany

1989 — Recent Drawings, Martina Hamilton Gallery, New York, NY

1988 — Recent Paintings, Edward Thorp Gallery, New York, NY

1988 — Odd Nerdrum, California State University Art Museum, Long Beach, CA

Traveled to:
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL
Madison Art Center, Madison, WI
The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, MO

1987 — New Paintings, Martina Hamilton Gallery, New York, NY

1986 — Recent Paintings, Germans van Eck Gallery, New York, NY

1985 — Odd Nerdrum, Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington, DE

1985 — Charcoal Drawings, Martina Hamilton Gallery, New York NY

1984 — Odd Nerdrum, Martina Hamilton Gallery, New York, NY

1984-93 — Martina Hamilton Gallery, New York, NY

1982 — The Bedford Way Gallery, London

1977, -79, -83 — Galleri Tanum, Oslo

1972 — Galleri 27, Oslo
1967, -70, -73, -76, -80, -84 — Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo


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  • Latest news

    • Summer Exhibition 2022: “Alone in the World”

      Odd Nerdrum and ten selected students will exhibit paintings at Horten Kunstforening’s summer exhibition in Kihlegalleriet. The exhibition is titled “Alone in the World” and opens on the 25th of June at 1 pm. A selection of prints by Odd Nerdrum will also be on display in the side building. Exhibitors:Melisa CalabriaCassander André StraumsgaardSiri Balke HveemWilliam HeimdalTurid SpildoOdd NerdrumSebastian SalvoJan Ove TuvKaja NorumGunnar HaslundKristine Onsrud Exhibition Address:KihlegallerietFalkenstensveien 293189 HortenNorway Exhibition duration:25th June – 31st July 2022The gallery is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 12 pm – 3 pm.

    • Exhibition opening tonight: You see we are blind, part II

      Tonight at 6pm, the solo exhibition You see we are blind, part II opens at BGE Contemporary Art in Stavanger. This is the second solo exhibition by Odd Nerdrum in Norway in almost twenty four years, and follows after the recent retrospective at Fineart Gallery in Oslo. The exhibition includes a handful of paintings from You see we are blind, part I, as well as new paintings. It will be on view from the 27th of April until the 25th of May. “The Back” is one of several paintings that will be on dispay at BGE Contemporary Art in Stavanger, Norway.

    • Samtaler fra Memorosa (Ilustrasjon: Öde Nerdrum) Book launch: “Samtaler fra Memorosa” | Korsnes and Nerdrum

      A new book by Carl Korsnes, the editor of Sivilisasjonen magazine, will be launched on Thursday 31st of March at Bakgården på Løkken in Oslo. The title of the Norwegian publication is “Samtaler fra Memorosa” and consists of thirteen philosophical dialogues between Korsnes and Odd Nerdrum. Carl Korsnes and Öde Nerdrum (Odd’s son) will both speek at the event. Reviews The philosopher Einar Duenger Bøhn, who wrote a foreword to Odd Nerdrum’s recent painting book published by Fineart Gallery, says the following about Sivilisasjonen’s first book: Korsnes presents a collection of short and beautiful conversations with Nerdrum, which calls for hope that beauty can actually save the world. Einar Duenger Bøhn The poet and model for Odd Nerdrum’s painting Transfiguration wrote with pathos: The dialogues are a tribute to taking pride in one’s craftsmanship. To the intoxication of beauty. To the nobility of creation. Glittering with blink shot anecdotes. Reading through it arouse both the urge to create and the urge to live. Viva Nerdrum. Viva Korsnes.Bertrand Besigye

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