Quotes and aphorisms

Light is good for body. Darkness is good for thought. Dusk is where they meet.
Move backwards into the future so that your face is illuminated by the past.
To be born into a bad era is no excuse. I must be compared with the best in any era.
Throughout the ages, some have been aware of one thing: True order is without structure.
Those poor animals in cages, and poor me, standing here watching them.
The people are in charge of stupidity, and the wise follows willingly.
Must the kitsch painter continue to do the dirty work for a lightweight league of artists?
When people are content at a university, there is reason for despair.
First the awakening, then the golden age.
The soul must discipline itself, while the body must be left in peace.
Be humble about what you are unable to do. In this waits a patient God who wishes you well.
As long as the truth is great enough, then there are no limits to how the lie can be abused.
A melancholic expression is security.
The wise do not want power over more than his ear and eye can manage.
The first picture was of blood, earth and water. Paint was made to recreate nature.
Seen by a child… painted by an adult.
Those who do not notice the great consensus enjoy inferioriy.
The life of a hero: He did not search for his reflection in the eyes of others.
The eyes are open wounds.
When they start laughing at talent in the west, the culture of the east will be ready to take over.
Progress is a certainty for all. Few people turn back to the past. Through the dark ancient cities – within and beyond – I search for the fire of my ancestors.
Kitsch. The audience recognizes itself at its best.
Science ruined the sunrise. Art ruined the sunset
Where there is timelessness, knowledge makes the decisions. In society it is the consensus which rules.
When everyone is treated equally, class difference will be revealed.
Time is incidental, quality is everything. The kitsch creator looks to the old masters, not because they are old, but because they master something.
They say children are vulnerable… but we are more fragile, we are old children.
Music draws tears more quickly than a painting. Tears must be held back. The eyes are needed to see.
The linear understanding of history is out of step with the movement of the earth and the planets.
When all around me darkens, I call for light. When the light grows white, I long for the red shade of evening.
I have not come into this life to be entertained, but to be recognized.
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