Study with Odd Nerdrum

Since the 1980s, Odd Nerdrum has been receiving students to his home in France, Iceland and today; in Norway and Sweden.


Studying with Odd Nerdrum is something in-between a school and working independently.


The students work side by side with the master, and in the studio everything from painting techniques to philosophy is discussed.
The studio emphasizes narrative painting and the students get two main assignments:

  1. Make a self portrait
  2. Make a narrative painting

Becoming a student is costfree, however, it is expected that you model for master Nerdrum, prepare his canvas with other students etc.


How to become a student


Write a review of yourself and attach three good photos of your work.

NB! At the Nerdrum Studio we paint from life, your application must consist of work made from life as well.

The review itself should be half a page long. Send a letter where you include your e-mail address or e-mail your application to [email protected].


Stiftelsen Nerdrumskolen
Rødvik gård
3291, stavern


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