Summer Exhibition 2022: “Alone in the World”
1. June, 2022

Odd Nerdrum and ten selected students will exhibit paintings at Horten Kunstforening’s summer exhibition in Kihlegalleriet. The exhibition is titled “Alone in the World” and opens on the 25th of June at 1 pm.

A selection of prints by Odd Nerdrum will also be on display in … Read more

Exhibition opening tonight: You see we are blind, part II
27. April, 2022

Tonight at 6pm, the solo exhibition You see we are blind, part II opens at BGE Contemporary Art in Stavanger. This is the second solo exhibition by Odd Nerdrum in Norway in almost twenty four years, and follows after the recent retrospective at Fineart Gallery in Oslo.

The exhibition includes … Read more

Samtaler fra Memorosa (Ilustrasjon: Öde Nerdrum)

Book launch: “Samtaler fra Memorosa” | Korsnes and Nerdrum
24. March, 2022

A new book by Carl Korsnes, the editor of Sivilisasjonen magazine, will be launched on Thursday 31st of March at Bakgården på Løkken in Oslo.

The title of the Norwegian publication is “Samtaler fra Memorosa” and consists of thirteen philosophical dialogues between Korsnes and Odd Nerdrum.

Read more

Jan-Ove Tuv’s Guided Tour at Odd Nerdrum’s Grand Exhibition in Oslo
23. March, 2022

You see we are blind at Fineart Gallery in Oslo is the largest collection of Odd Nerdrum’s work that has ever been on display, showcasing sixty paintings from the past twenty years.

Since the 1980s, Nerdrum has consistently depicted man in his primal state, confronted by … Read more

“You see we are blind” | Odd Nerdrum Solo Exhibition at Fineart Oslo
5. March, 2022

For the first time since the Retrospective at the Astrup Fearnley Museum in 1998, an Odd Nerdrum solo exhibition will be on display in Norway. Forty to fifty paintings made in the past twenty years are soon to be hung on the walls of the Fineart Oslo gallery where the opening remarks will … Read more

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