Sleeping Twins
21. November, 2020

20,000 kr

Technique: Glass print

Size: 57 x 58 cm

Edition of: 85

Production year: 2019

Signed: Yes

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“Sleeping Twins” by Odd Nerdrum on the wall.

Odd Nerdrum as a printmaker

In his adolescence, Odd Nerdrum saved money to buy "The American Woman", an etching Edvard Munch made while traveling by train to Paris as a young man. However, Nerdrum's mother took his savings and used them to invest in stocks. Shortly thereafter, Nerdrum made his first etchings. Among them motifs that he would later transfer to the canvas — "Self-portrait in Dressing Gown" being one example. As a draughtsman, Munch was a master, and Nerdrum wanted to put claim to the same title with his production of lithographs. One of the first printmakers he worked with, had previously worked for Munch. The printmaker's remarks about Munch confirmed Nerdrum's suspicion of an incorrigible perfectionist.
For Nerdrum, as with Munch, each edition of prints is to be considered as an independent work, often with the goal in mind of improving the starting point (the painting).
In the 2000s, Nerdrum developed a printing method at Kjell Raugland's printing house by drawing on sandblasted glass. This technique has received the technical title "glass print" and has been the marker for Nerdrum's production of lithographs ever since.

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