The Öde Shirt
10. January, 2021

2,399 kr

The Classick Öde shirt is a unisex piece, born at the Nerdrum school.

This is an medium oversized shirt in GOTS Certified, unbleached, pure Linen.

Flax is one of the oldest textile fibers in the world. The oldest woven garment dates back to 5000 BC in Ancient Egypt.

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Photo: Kristine Jacobsen, DN

About the designer

Eline Dragesund is the Nerdrum family's personal tailor and the founder of The Kitsch Collection.

Her primary inspiration for clothing is the subculture of Odd Nerdrum's painting school, as well as Ancient Greece. She despises modern body-shape solutions like zippers and polyester, and prefers classical solutions such as linen, draped around the body. In recent years, she has worked mostly with men.

"With every man that I've worked with, he comes to me and says: 'I cannot find what I am looking for. Can you help me?'"

As a result of the lack of varied design, she sees the need for "an alternative, elegant clothing style for men." The guidelines for Dragesund's brand are the same as those for kitsch painters: good handcraft, a toned down palette and a timeless mark.

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